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I’m Janene Mascarella, a freelance journalist living in the NY area with two amazing children and a husband who had no idea he married Mrs. (Always) Write! I'm a lifestyle writer who frequently covers travel, beauty, health, personal finance and parenting topics. (Hey, that just about covers everything, doesn't it?)

My work has been published in The Washington Post, CNN Money, Self, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Newsday, Cooking Light, Women's Health, Woman's Day, USA TODAY, Weight Watchers, BabyTalk, Parenting, Parents, Family Circle, AARP Bulletin, Arthritis Today, Scholastic Parent & Child, American Baby, American Way, Parade, Fodorís Travel, iVillage, Salon City, Shop Etc., Sweet 16, Relate, NY Metro Parent, Parent Society,, AOL Travel, WalletPop, Currency, AOL Real Estate,, Everyday Health and many others. I'm also the Parenting and Family Life columnist for the Long Island Exchange and the beauty editor of BELLA NYC magazine.

Feb 3


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Hi there–

Been so busy writing I have hardly kept up with my own website.  (Like the shoemaker with holes in his shoes!)

Here’s the deal: I’m a NY-based journalist and my work¬†has been published by The Washington Post, Newsday, CNN, Cosmopolitan, AARP Bulletin, American Way, Self, Glamour, Health, Cooking Light, Women’s Health, USA Today, ¬†Chase, Scholastic Parent & Child, Consumer Reports Shop Smart, Woman’s Day, Parenting, Parents, Family Circle, Babytalk, American Baby, Weight Watchers, Arthritis Today, Working Mother, Fodor‚Äôs Travel, AOL Travel, BEST YEARS, Modern Woman, CBS News, Shop Etc., Long Island Pulse, ¬†Humana, and many (many!) others. I’m also ¬†Beauty Director of BELLA NYC Magazine and an online ¬†beauty+health columnist for Parade Magazine.



If you would like to  take a look at my current work/clips, please visit my WRITING PORTFOLIO

You can also see what I’m up to right now on Twitter–aptly named ¬†@MrsWrite

If you’re curious what I’m eating for breakfast or your want to see some shameless selfies and stuff like that, I’m on Instagram: Janene_Mascarella

Got a burning beauty question or wondering which hairspray hold is stronger, Megahold or Ultrahold? Here’s my Parade Magazine Beauty + Health Column¬†

For my latest lust-haves, head over to my  CURRENT OBSESSION column 



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Jan 23

Spring Ahead

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Yep, for the last three years I have been BELLA NYC’s beauty editor and I’m very happy to have been recently named the publication’s new BEAUTY DIRECTOR. (Yeah!) In addition to overseeing 13 pages of beauty per issue (that’s a lot of gloss right there!), I also have a new¬† 2 page column for the magazine titled “AGENDA” where I give readers the scoop on the latest and greatest things to do in the NYC area each issue. Below are some clips of the January issue and here’s a bulleted list of my latest writing developments.


  • I write a weekly CURRENT OBSESSION column¬†where I spotlight and gush over ¬†lust-worthy items covering¬†beauty, travel, technology…you name it!


  • I just¬† got assigned another fun essay for an upcoming issue of¬†Cosmopolitan Magazine. (They’re my favorite to write!) If you want to take a look at the essay I wrote for Cosmo’s October issue, scroll down to a previous post or check out My Portfolio Page


  • I have a beauty¬†feature in the¬†March issue of Consumer Report’s ShopSmart Magazine–¬†“Beauty 911″¬† pages 63-65 ¬†(Another¬† beauty feature¬†will be appear in the April issue as well!)


  • I’m writing a DIY¬† feature for a USA Today specialty magazine. On newsstands in March 25


  • My travel guide for USA Today is still on newsstands in the “Best of New York” publication.


  • My family travel feature appeared in the holiday issue of Scholastic Parent & Child.¬† Here’s the online version: ‚ÄúEasy Holiday Travel‚ÄĚ


  • Cision interviewed me this month about my writing career. You can check it out—> HERE


  • I was interviewed LIVE on the radio.¬† I chatted with WTMJ¬†and offered my expert tips on ¬†create the “PERFECT SELFIE”! You can listen to the¬†¬†interview¬† RIGHT HERE


It’s been a busy and productive month! Oh and here are just a few recent clips of my work and you can view more of my work on My Portfolio Page

BELLA Jan 14 1 (490x640)


DEC BELLA giftguide 13Bella agendaBella agenda Jan 2Bella Jan agenda 3 copy





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Oct 16

It’s Tricky…

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For the October issue of Scholastic Parent & Child, I wrote a feature about to solve¬† all kinds Halloween drama…tricky situations¬†followed by¬†scary-easy advice on how to solve them.

Full clip below and here’s the online version:













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Oct 4

Autumn Awesomeness

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I love the fall. Lots going on so I’ll get right to it.

PARADE!!! I’ll be writing a weekly beauty column for Parade! Very excited about this–it’s such a well-known publication and I’m thrilled to be writing for them. I¬†set up¬†shop in the¬†Health & Beauty section–answering all your burning beauty questions. If something keeps you up at night (like ‘which is stronger; Mega-hold or Ultra-hold?’) feel free to send me your question. I may not have the slightest idea (hahaha) but I’ll find an expert who does. :)¬† For a my latest posts, please take a peek –> HERE

In other news…it’s a big month! My work is in the October print issues of

Bella NYC Magazine¬†(I’m the beauty editor and I produce about 6-8 page of beauty each issue. Love this publication!)

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Fun. See post below!)

Scholastic Parent & Child ( I have a feature solving all kinds of Halloween drama..)

I will also be a weekly writer for Parent Society! More to come about that…

Oooh, and I also write a weekly CURRENT OBSESSIONS column for BELLA MYC Magazine, where I go gaga over all kinds of things. Filed under: Janene’ Obsessions

USA TODAY‘s glossy magazine “BEST YEARS” (the fall/winter 2013 issue) I have a 6-page style feature (!!) on pages 22-27 and a beauty article on page 8. (See below!)


WP_20131006_11_22_41_Pro (1)WP_20131006_11_36_09_Pro (1)WP_20131006_11_37_22_Pro (2)







WP_20131006_11_21_56_Pro (1)WP_20131015_13_17_43_Pro (1)



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Sep 7

I’m a Cosmo CoverGirl. (Kind Of.)

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Aw, my 1st COSMO coverline! (Sorry JLo for writing on your belly but I’m kind of excited!)

So yeah, my essay is in the October (SEXY POWER issue) of Cosmopolitan magazine—> In the Hot & Healthy section, page 218

In it, I‚Äôm revealing¬†how Zumba Fitness¬†really shook things up under the sheets for me.¬†I went from being totally intimidated to try it…to¬†the class hotsy totsy!¬†¬†From the very first time I walked into Kristi Tramposch‘s class at Evolusion Fitnesss¬†I felt things change….the way I saw working out, the way I saw my own body.¬† (Kristi strikes the perfect balance between cute and sexy and she’s rather amazing!) I still go regularly and I’m reaping the rewards. I walk out of class feeling a little hotter and healthier each time. (Not to mention I stand directly in front of the ceiling fan, let it blow up my hair and secretly pretend the class is a music video STARRING ME, and the other students are my¬† (completely unsuspecting) backup dancers.

Hopefully, my journey to hottness will not make you squirm or roll your eyes. (You’ll most likely laugh!) It‚Äôs actually opposite of that you‚Äôre expecting of a Cosmo article‚Ķ and is all about empowerment and truly feeling comfortable in your own skin. Look for it on newsstands, like, everywhere. Or read it here, alongside my Pre-Zumba class¬†selfie …(you may have to click twice on the article image to read it)

fr9_4_2013102940cosmo 2

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Jul 28

Hot Off the Press

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Some exciting news: In addition to all the fab publications¬†I already write for,¬† starting this fall I’ll be contributing to USA TODAY, Scholastic Parent & Child and Cosmopolitan Magazine. (An interesting mix of titles and topics!)

The summer issue of BELLA NYC  Magazine finally hit newsstands. The gorgeous Christie Brinkley and her daughter, Sailor grace the cover and this issue has been getting so much press.
As beauty editor, I ¬†write the ‚ÄúBeauty Breakthroughs‚ÄĚ section (Pages 40-48!) and there‚Äôs lots of tips on how to harness your hotness this summer.
And‚Ķ. I also wrote a travel¬†feature ‚ÄúThe Best of BELLA 2013‚ÄĚ that covers the region‚Äôs top hotspots of the wining and dining scene. (pages 74-80). Please check it out and tell me what you think!¬†(Below are the first few pages of each feature.)
I also write the weekly “CURRENT OBSESSIONS” column for the publication where¬†I¬†obsess over ¬†travel, beauty, dining, food, technology…just about everything!
BELLA NYC is the premiere beauty, health & wellness magazine catering to the women of NY, NJ & CT.
bella summer cover 2 summer bella 13 2 Summer Bella 3



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Apr 29

My latest work for Parenting magazine!

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Scan_Pic0005 Scan_Pic0015 Parenting April 13 Scan_Pic0016 Scan_Pic0020

Here are some of my latest articles for Parenting magazine. I have a 2-page feature covering the trend of the “Sandwich Generation” and the rise of the ‘Dadchelor” party.¬† YOu can also read the articles here:

Meet the Sandwich Generation

Say “I Dude”!




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Jan 22

Spring Fling

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Bella spring 13 1 MA13_043¬†These are the first two pages of the “Beauty Breakthroughs” section I write for each issue of BELLA magazine.











In case you missed it, in the jan/Feb issue, I covered 8 AMAZING spa’s….


















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Dec 8

Health Features in Newsday

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I frequently write health features for Newsday. Here are my latest:

  1. Nonsurgical fat removal, the ‘next frontier’ in cosmetic surgery¬†¬†¬†¬† Freezing it away is one of the hot, new methods of slimming down…
  2. Delaying motherhood? What you should know In the realm of birth statistics, delaying motherhood stands out….
  3. Running into injury¬†¬†¬†No doubt about it: Running works. It’s good for the heart, tones muscles, helps control…
  4. Yoga offers a litany of health benefits¬†¬†No longer seen as simply a way to stretch and meditate, yoga is being touted…
  5. Are gel knee injections worth a shot?¬†¬†Injections of gel-like substances may be making inroads into the established arsenal of treatments for…
  6. Tattoo removal: It’s painful and pricey¬†¬†The uptick in people sporting tattoos seems to have brought with it a boom of…
  7. What to eat for great skin and hair¬†¬†Pricey products that promise clear, radiant skin and strong, shiny hair fill store shelves, but…
  8. Turning prime time into workout time¬†¬†¬† If you simply can’t miss the latest episode of your favorite TV show but also…





june 12 001newsday tattoo 002newsday march 1320130402_121828


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May 15

Bylines, baby. Bylines.

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I haven’t updated my site in so long! Promise to scan my latest¬† print clips and¬† revamp this site real soon. This month has been crazy. Good crazy. Here’s what I’ve got brewing …

Newsday: I report on a health topic about once a month. So far I have covered:  1. how althletes avoid injury, 2. the benifits of yoga, 3. knee gel injections, 4. how to remove a tattoo, 5. fitness moves you can do at home, 6. the best foods to eat to get glowing skin, and others.  You can take a peek at my Newsday articles right here.


Fodors Travel: I’m the health/beauty travel blogger.¬†¬†My latest:

How to Look Good on the Go¬†(a roundup of¬†fab beauty products to keep you from, well…¬†looking like your passport photo!)

How to Beat Jetlag and Get Your Beauty Sleep¬†(expert tips on how to catch your zzz’s when you’re far from home)

Olympics-Themed Getaways¬†(three thrilling Olympics-inspired trips you won’t have to train for)

Top Fitness Picks for Travelers ( eight fabulous fitness finds worthy of a spot in your suitcase and on your itinerary)


Parenting magazine: ¬† I’ll have articles in the next 3-4 issues.¬† My recent essay for Parenting “Why Women Lie” landed¬† out becoming the subject of a Today Show segment and was covered by CNN.¬† Many of my past articles for Parenting are below.

Are Grandparents Giving Too Much? Twenty-five percent of grandparents have spent $1,000 or more on their grandkids in the past year.

The Benefits of Older Parents More people are becoming parents in their late 30s and 40s and are finding that there are surprising benefits in older pregnancy

Why Women Lie to Their Kids¬†One mom explains why parents lying to their children is nothing new–and why it won’t stop any time soon

Holiday Traditions: 9 Ways Families Celebrate Every family has their own special holiday and Thanksgiving traditions. Here, nine essays on funny, touching and sweet ways these authors celebrate with their families
Beat¬† Business Travel Blues¬†Here’s some advice for working parents who want to stay in touch with the kids while on the road
Baby Bathtime Tips for bathing your newborn
Becoming a Postpartum Shopaholic¬†New moms confess how “retail therapy” became an addiction
Baby Summer Safety Guide How to keep your baby safe on the beach, at the park, and in your own backyard
Bella NYC Magazine: I love this publication! BELLA NYC¬† is a beautiful and positive magazine and if you see it on newsstands or in Barnes & Noble,¬† be sure to grap a copy. It’s is the only health, beauty & wellness magazine catering to the women of NY, NJ & CT. Every issue BELLA features exclusive celebrity interviews with national and regional content filled with tips & advice on how to live your best life in NYC.

I’m the beauty editor for BELLA and I produce the ‘Beauty Breakthroughs” section in each issue–about 5-7 pages of beauty tips, product roundups, spotlights and more.¬† For example:

“Look Summer Stunning”

Beauty Myths Vs Beauty Truths”

“A Guy’s Guide to Grooming”

For the current May/June issue I also wrote a feature profiling four savvy biz owners who had the courage to take a “Leap of Faith”.

For the summer issue, I rounded up the NYC area’s¬† best wining and dining hotspots: BELLA’s BEST

Update: I’ll be blogging for BELLA weekly about my “Current Obsessions”.¬† For instance, here’s my “tech” obsession. Stay tuned for my weekly obessions covering trends, fashion, fitness, gadgets, snacks, beauty, tech…just about anything I find love-worthy!


Long Island Pulse: I write beauty reviews in each issue. Spray tanning, facials, waxing, nail trends, hair treatments–ah, all in the name of beauty!

Long Island Resturant News:¬†Another fun feather to add to my cap–resturant reviwer.¬† My most recent reviews: Nisen in Commack, ¬†Mirabelle in Stony Brook¬†and Vittorio’s Resturant & Wine Bar in Amityville.



CBS’s “Mancave Daily”: Here’s my personality page for the site. I’m doing a beauty+brains series plus a lot of fun lifetyle roundups such as:

Buy Your Way Out of the Dog House,  SuperBowl Survival Kit and How to Make A Mean Chili and many others.



The Long Island Exchange: For many years I have been the Parenting & Family Life columnist–my latest: Are Your a Mean¬†Mommy and a ¬†Family¬†Travel Guide to Sarasota.
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